Tuesday, February 25, 2014

From KevH: 15mm ECW Earl of Essex Command Stand & Crusader Infantry (68 points)

From Kev:
Here is my current entry for the challenge. Not really had much time for painting this last couple of weeks. I have a lot of sculpting to do at the moment. First up we have a 15mm Essex Parliament command stand.
This is the opposite CinC for the Royalist Charles 1st I did earlier. This is the Earl of Essex and Staff. 3 mounted and 1 foot with another hand painted commonwealth Flag. (Jeeze, I hate how Essex sculpts the flag onto the figure!)
Also we have some more Crusaders. This time a mixed unit of Crusader medium infantry. Non Military order, a few French and germans. Warriors to the front with bows to the rear. Converted flag bearer with suitable banner.
This may well be the last of the Crusader force, I may add the odd unit at a later date. I will try to concentrate on the Saracens now. 1/72 Strelets figures.

Two wonderful entries Kev! Your high-contrast style is again making its magic with these fellows. Essex's banner is gorgeous and I'm very impressed with the shields of the Crusader front rank. Lovely, clean brushwork.

The Earl of Essex and this unit of Christian infantry will give Kev 68 points, which includes a bit extra for the finely wrought flags and heraldry. This entry will see Kev past his second Challenge points target of 2250 points. Great work and congratulations Kev! 

It looks like there will be a tight race right to the finish for all podium positions in the points standings. Many of us will be on the edge of our seats at we close in on the finish line in 23 days!


  1. Very nice, loving the ECW though


  2. Lovely work and a great mix of figures Kev :)

  3. I am glad its not just me re sculpted flags!! Nicely done though Kev...

  4. Good to see more ECW and very well painted too. Nice one Kev.

  5. Great work Kev - I really like the Crusader medium infantry

  6. Very, very impressive painting. I was wondering what scale the crossbowmen were - 1/72nd - good stuff!

  7. Kev, great work. I am very taken by your Crusader stuff - just inspiring.

  8. Many thanks for your comments ladies and gents.
    The Crusaders are about finished as an army.
    I may add the odd unit at a later day, I still have spare figures left over.
    Looks like I will have to concentrate on the saracens now,
    Although new projects of the ECW and AWI in 15mm may distract me a little, hee hee.


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