Tuesday, February 25, 2014

From AndrewS: 28mm F&IW Coureur des Bois & Huron Indian Allies (100 points)

From Andrew:
This submission is 14 Coureur Des Bois and 6 Huron Indians all from the AW miniatures range. 
The Coureur Des Bois are a very nice set of figures from this range with a good variety of equipment on the men, the only downside is there are only three poses available. 
However with some different coloured clothing and ensuring that they are well mixed, I have managed to make the whole force look as I hoped.

Last up the Hurons are nice sculpts and there are a wide variety of poses available, only one figure in my opinion has issues due to its separate arms that can only be put in one position, and a lot of work has then to be done with green stuff to make them fit properly. 

Although warpaint comes in handy to disguise any issues. I have liberally applied a red and black colour scheme to the warpaint. I really enjoy painting these Indians as my research has shown that they used a wide range of colours so it does allow me some freedom as a painter to go with the flow.

Beautiful work Andrew. I like that you made each and every figure distinct, either by varying pose or through use of colour. While the French frontiersmen are great I have to say that your Hurons, resplendent in their fierce warpaint, are my favourites in this submission. Wonderful figures.

These warriors of the forest will give Andrew 100 points. Well done!


  1. Fantastic work Andrew, what a collection


  2. Nice colour choices - I do particularly like the Hurons.

  3. Nicely done! I like the Hurons the best as well.

    Congrats on exceeding your second point goal!!!!

  4. Great to see such vibrant colours mate. Nice work!

  5. Very nice painting on these Andrew!


  6. Fantastic, Andrew! I love the colors here, and the warpaint. I just looked at your total and wow!

  7. I really like these fellows! The Hurons are pretty good too, not enough knives to be Potawatomi! ;)


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