Tuesday, February 25, 2014

From IanW: 28mm Viking Herdman & 6mm Napoleonic Marshals along with Assorted Flunkies (21 points)

From Ian:
Finally something different. 

OK lets start with the Griping Beast 28mm plastic Viking from their Viking Hirdmen boxed set. I wanted to do a test figure and it was an excuse to do something a little different.
Clean up and assembly was mostly straight forward though the belt pouch and knife was a bit fiddly. I can see doing all 44 getting tiresome but the reward would be a great mix of poses and weapons so I will have that in mind when I get at the test.

Went with a straight forward shield design to keep this simple. I also went with a black primmer to make the chainmail more realistic, overall I prefer the darker finish for these.
Dropping back to my usual scale I have finally finished the new Baccus command figures, a bunch of Marshals and other hangers on.

These are certainly an upgrade on the old Baccus command and have some nice detail and a much wider mix of poses. However I still prefer the Adler as they have a lot more detail (that extra mm or two really helps) and though these are sturdier I will take the risk with the Adler breaking.

Quite easy to clean up and paint though some of them have a real issue with mould lines, but overall nice clean casts. I have based them loosely on images I have of commanders and ADC's I just hope I don't get slapped for doing this
My Napoleonic Pedant/Prat referee jersey's in the wash so you're safe... ;P

Ooh, that Viking sample looks very, very good Ian - I think you can go straight into production with these! Would this project be for SAGA or do you have something else in mind?

I agree with you on all counts with the new Baccus command figures: they are all very nice but I'd still put the nod to Adler's range. As you say that extra 1-2mm makes all the difference. All this being said I think you've done a marvelous job on these models. Your excellent basing gives them a Peninsular War feel about them, what with the larger gravel elements.

This lonely Viking and the posse of Napoleonic command officers will give Ian 21 points (with a bit extra for the shield and being in the vanguard).   


  1. Cool Viking Ian..nice to see the Marshals too.

  2. Nice work on all of these Ian. The Gripping Beast plastics can be a bit fiddly. I found when I did mine last year that it was much easier to do them in a big batch as you get into the groove after a few.

  3. Cool viking
    I can't imagine trying to paint 6mm Napoleonics - very well done

  4. Nice work Ian. The Viking is lovely.

  5. Great painting.
    Yeah you warm up to those vikings but once you do they are great.

  6. Thanks guys and gal,

    Yes Saga seems to be the direction we will take


  7. Great Viking - very understated, very clean painting, very good!

    Pip pip


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