Wednesday, February 26, 2014

From GillesW: 15mm Libyan Infantry Command (74 points)

From Gilles:
Here they are!
Five command bases for my Early Libyan army. Thirty-seven figures from Essex and Chariot miniatures as usual, too many commanders you would say but a real Mexican army must have more generals than soldiers, truly a wild bunch!
Now it’s time to create an ink “ car wash “ after the jester’s bath for the 12 chariots and their teams.

Very nice work Gilles! Again, I really like how colourful and varies your troops are. The extra time put in for the patterns and headdress really pays off in the end.

These five bases of Libyan infantry command will give Gilles 74 points, enough for him to reach his Challenge target of 500 points. Well done Gilles and congratulations!


  1. That's some very nice painting. To be honest though on the first look I thought these were some kind of maya or aztek kind of guys.

  2. Your Libyans look fantastic Gilles :)

  3. Great stuff Gilles and congrats on reaching your target!

  4. A lovely entry Gilles and well done on reaching your target

  5. Bright and beautiful, baby!

    Congrats Gilles, and I do love the "1 general for every 2 soldiers." It's a great look!

  6. Very nice I agree about the extra effort


  7. Very nice looking 15mm! Lots of lovely colors going on.



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