Wednesday, February 26, 2014

From LeeH: 6mm WWII Italian Desert Armour & Open Blitz Trucks (30 points)

From Lee:
My latest entry is yet more 6mm North Africa not mega points! First off here are five Italian P40 Heavy Tanks. These were in development for several years with the first production models appearing in late 1942. The subsequent loss of the factory making the engines meant that by wars end only 22 had been produced, so inclusion in any army is speculative at best. 

A small number of P40's were sent to North Africa and saw action in Egypt so I've decided to paint up one platoon just to bolster my Italian tank forces. These particular models are from GHQ and as you would expect the quality is excellent with superb detailing. 
Keeping with the Italians I have also painted up four AB41 armoured cars to provide some recon screening for my Italian forces. These are some old recycled H&R models that I stripped for repainting. They have a lot less detail than the GHQ equivalent but at a mere £0.40 each compared to £1.40 for the GHQ models its hard to find fault with them! Personally I mix and match manufacturers based entirely on availability of vehicle types within the respective ranges, price is a secondary issue.

Last up I painted six Opel Blitz trucks (seen in the top photos). These can be used by most German forces and in this case they will form part of a supply convoy for a battle scenario I am working on. 

I've really enjoyed seeing this project develop over the past year. The overall aesthetic of the vehicles, their wonderful rounded bases, desert terrain and attendant game markers (see his fabulous smoke markers here) is wonderfully realized. Well done Lee!

These Italian vehicles and German trucks will provide Lee with 30 points to add to his total.


  1. Likewise I have enjoyed following this projects progression.
    Great work Lee.

  2. I look forward to either commanding these or defeating these in the near future! As with all you 6mm it looks (will look) great on the table top.

  3. Looking good! 6mm armor just seems to work great! Finally some realistic looking distances between vehicles on the table

  4. Great paintwork at that tiny scale Lee,

  5. Very nice work. I'm very tempted by micro armor but will try to resist the urge...

  6. Really nice painting work, brilliant small models!

  7. I too have enjoyed the project, glad to see them reinforced in the Challenge



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