Wednesday, February 26, 2014

BrendonW: Dystopian Wars 'Empire of the Blazing Sun' Raijin Class War Gyro (15 points)

From Brendon:
Continuing on with my Dystopian Blazing Sun Fleet expansion.
Raijin Class HQ War Gyro. Resin and metal, 1:1200, made by Spartan games.
This flying ship of doom also comes with a floating Node Projector thingy token (it appears in/near enemy fleets and the Gyro uses it to shut down Generators). This model comes in the Strike Flotilla box along with models from a previous submission so now the box is completely painted and I am satisfied.
As usual I paint flying craft in my fleet with the Top Side Green, underside light pale blue with pointy and side areas in colours from my Naval vessels.

The underside is an area I paint very plainly as I figure it is not really seen during games. It's interesting and cool that they sculpted the underside to look like a belly that is ready to drop robot subs into the ocean though. But it does mean a little more detail to paint. It doesn't appear to co-relate to any game functionality though.

Ooh, that is quite the beast! Great work Brendon. I really like the look of the wood decking alongside that wonderful shade of green you've used for the armour plating.  Its also nice to see those towers again.

This hefty fellow will give Brendon 15 points. Great job!


  1. Haven't gamed this, but I do like the models. And this one is painted very nicely.

  2. Fantastic painting work!!!!! Really clear and fine.

  3. That is a monster! Very nice paint job.

  4. I love the vision of those Dystopian Wars fleet models, and you did excellent work with the painting Brendon. Well done.

  5. Well done! The planking looks superb.

  6. She looks wonderful Brendon. Lovely choice of colours and a nice crisp paint job.

  7. Very crisp and sharp, your a poster boy for these :-)



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