Friday, February 21, 2014

From AndrewS: 28mm Napoleonic French Foot Artillery, Converged Grenadier Battalion & Legere Battalion (231 points)

I know Andrew has been very busy being a new granddad (with all the attendant support service and logistics that role entails) so I was surprised and delighted to see these in my inbox.

From Andrew:
I decided to have a break from the endless hordes of Nubians and decided to get some of the French Napoleonic project well underway. Having spoken to Kev about wanting to at least have a brigade completed by the end of the challenge whilst completing the aforementioned Nubians . This entry sees that particular target fulfilled, with three pieces of artillery and crew and 2 battalions of infantry.
First up are three French guns and crews, The crews have been given some campaign trousers to break up the sea of blue and to make them fit in with the existing units of French I have already painted. In total there are 3 Guns and 12 crew all Perry 28mm miniatures. I have to say cleaning these guns up was the devil of a job, and quite possibly took longer to do than painting the piece itself.

Next up is a Combined grenadier battalion for our version of Black Powder, The bulk of these are 28mm Perry figures the exception being the drummer and mounted commander which are Foundry. Once again a mix of great coats and campaign trousers to add variety to the unit, which consists of ten foot and one mounted officer.

The final part of this entry is a battalion of 16 Legere that have been painted to represent the 2nd Regiment. These are a 50/50 mix of Foundry and Perry miniatures again in a good campaign mix of dress. This time I have included a Flag.

Lovely work Andrew. I always enjoy seeing your Napoleonics and these certainly don't disappoint. I quite like the mix of the older Foundry models in with the more recent Perrys'. I really have to do some battalions wearing greatcoats as they give such a wonderful campaign feel. 

This French force will give Andrew 231 points, enough for him to meet his second Challenge target. Bravo Loki and well done!


  1. Brilliant work Andrew, love the lived in look


  2. Splendid old bean. Troublesome blighters I know but worth the effort.

  3. The French look great and campaign worn, the cannon are very nice and well worth the extra paint prep!

  4. Bloody great work Buddy.
    I'll enjoy killin these, lol

  5. Do you have a Time-turner? It's the only possible explanation for how you've managed to get all this wonderful stuff painted as well as real life things!

  6. Great looking French! That shade of blue is really working for you!



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