Friday, February 21, 2014

From RayR: 28mm Floppy Hatted British Horse Holders (40 points)

Another non-15mm, non-Nine Years War entry for Ray. Could this be a trend?

From Ray:
My next entry is only a small one. Postie asked me to paint up these Dixon Battle of Sedgemoor figures, as I painted up the rest of his Sedgemoor collection a few years ago.

They're Horse holders for the English, King's Royal regt of Dragoons led by none other than John Churchill himself.

Lovely work once again Ray. I always like seeing these additions to the tabletop - not really required but they add such a nice finish to the overall display. I also like the spray of red poppies on the one base - very whimsical.

These two horseholders and their equine charges will give Ray 40 points, enough to edge past Fran... Now the game is afoot! Well done!


  1. Lovely work by Ray. His brushwork is equally impressive at both 15mm & 28mm - keep 'em coming, Ray. Best, Dean

  2. These are really nice Ray, good to see you mixing it up


  3. More floppy hats and lace panties. That's your trademark now mate, but I'll get you to the dark side of modern combat before the year is out! Nice work though, you know this period so well.

  4. Nice work Ray! I do love the lace wars.
    Cheers PD

  5. Nicely done, Ray! You should venture into 28mm a bit more often!
    It's a shame you didn't make a third marker with a confused dragoon and three saddles! ;)

  6. Cheers Chaps, I'm sure Fran will zoom above me again! And they're not Malburian Curt, they're from 1685, floppy hats and not a tricorn to be seen.

    1. I saw Churchill's name and went from there. Title changed ;)

  7. Nice one Ray. You don't often see stuff like this on the table. I think it adds real character to a game.


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