Friday, February 21, 2014

From KentG: 28mm SYW Russian Dragoons (90 points)

From Kent:
These figures are 28mm Front Rank SYW Russian dragoons. They were really nice to paint. These took me a lot longer as my painting time is now harder to come by.

A man of few works but of great talent, wonderful work Kent! I always marvel at your cavalry units as they are so consistently excellent, especially your horses. Something I always struggle with, sigh.

This regiment of dragoons will give Kent 90 points (a bit has been docked due to them being unbased as per his client's requirements). Again, excellent stuff Kent!


  1. Lovely horseflesh , well done Kent

  2. Very nice unit! I particularly like the drummer.

  3. Great looking unit Kent. Lovely stuff

  4. Lovely stuff Kent. Your horses are gorgeous.

  5. Really nicely painted figures (I wouldn't have expected anything else from you). Carry on the great work.

    Pip pip

  6. Very nice. Another period I know nothing about but now feel drawn to just because of the painting.


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