Saturday, February 22, 2014

From MilesR: 28mm ACW Confederate Infantry - 18th Georgia (121 points)

From Miles:
I have another Confederate regiment to submit - the 18th GA of Hood’s Brigade. The models are the Perry 28mm Plastic Confederates (as usual). All that’s left to finish of Hood’s Brigade will be Wade’s SC Legion!
The 18th GA was part of Hood’s Brigade in the early phases of the war (up until the Battle of Fredericksburg) and fought with distinction.
The unit was responsible for breaking the Union line at the Battle of Gaines Mill which effectively ended McClellan’s Peninsular campaign. I’m modeling Hoods’ Brigade right before the Battle of Antietam so these troops will still be part of the unit.
In the background you can see two other regiments from the brigade - the 4th and 5th Texas.
One more regiment and my CSA army will be completed. OK maybe not completed but good enough for the upcoming game at Historicon in 2014. Please let me know if you want to play - I’ll have choice commands for any Challenge participants.
I must say, you've got this Confederate infantry gig down to a science now Miles. You could be a poster boy for the Perry plastic ACW boxed sets. Wonderful work once again and I really like the historical snapshots you've provided for this brigade as it sets them within a context. I also like the angled shot with the rest of the brigade in the distance - very impressive.

I'm not sure if the time (or budget) will allow for a trip to Historicon, but I for one would love to have a command in your game. With what we've seen from you these past few months that game will be a wonder to behold! 


  1. The King of ACW strikes again. Lovely


  2. Rather fine unit once more, be great to see a group shot.

  3. I see 28mm ACW and I just want to go and paint some. Very nicely done (I may get some for next years challenge...... no scrub that idea no way I could compete with those!)

  4. Another fine unit of Rebs here Miles :)

  5. Great looking troops from Miles.


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