Saturday, February 22, 2014

From Byron: 28mm WWI Early War German Infantry (45 points)

From Byron:
Back on the WW1 project after finding that I need even more Germans thanks to the “Take the Farm” game hosted at the Fawcett Avenue Conscripts normal Thursday gaming night two weeks ago.
This is another group of the very nice Renegade Miniatures early WWI Germans. In total there are nine Germans made up of an officer, 6 riflemen, and 2 bombers.
As with my other Germans they are based up very simply with bits of board, planking, metal sheeting, and of course good old Flemish mud.  This was done so that they fit in any trench boards or terrain boards I use, and so that they show differently at a distance from the Canadians who are based as if they are crossing undisturbed fields as they march into the campaign.

Also included is another card for use in Through the Mud and the Blood.  The cards all have old WW1 posters and artwork that I have found online as the background.  
Anyone who wants a complete set of my cards feel free to contact me and I will share them via drop box.  
Lovely work once again Byron! I quite like your basework - the bits of duckboarding and shattered brick is very evocative. For a change you could do a unit or two based on turf or cobblestone to reflect the early campaigns in which the armies were still mobile and maneuvering for position. Just a wayward thought...

I definitely want a copy of your cards!

This squad of Germans will give Byron 45 points. Great job!


  1. Nice! Love the look of early WW1 - pickelhaubes and red trousers (French, of course).

  2. Beautiful figs - this is going to be such a lovely army when finished!

  3. Really like the effects you are using, will be epic when all together


  4. I do like the grey of the early war Germans. In fact I like it so much I will start painting some this week.

  5. Great work Byron. Nice to see this project coming together so well.


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