Thursday, January 23, 2014

From SteveM: 28mm Dark Age Scots (185 points)

Out of the mists Steve emerges with this wonderful warband of Dark Age Scots.

From Steve:
The long and probably forgotten SteveM lives. I have managed to cobble together this large SAGA Scot warband. They are painted for the guys over at WWPD podcast (assume for the saga tapestry segment)

It consists of figures to make up warlord x2, Thanes, heathguard, and warriors for the SAGA game system.

Having never painted this era before I had to do some research of paint schemes and colors.

They are painted in a variety of tartan patterns and colors and given some tattoos for flavor.

And to make each one different where there are multiple of some figures takes some planning.

Amazing work Steve. The variations in plaids you've done is wonderful yet the entire collection still retains a cohesive feel about it. Very, very nice indeed.

This fine collection of Dark Age Scots will give Steve 185 points, including a little more for the lovely plaids and tatoos. Welcome back to the roster Steve!


  1. That's one awesome warband.

  2. Steve
    Lovely stuff! If your figures are all that good, you better not stay away so long next time.
    Cheers PD

  3. Thats one mean looking warband Steve, lovely stuff.

  4. Amazing warband! The Tartan is looking top of the line.

  5. Very nice, one of my favorite entries.

  6. Always wonderful to see a new Warband!
    Those tartans and shields are particularly good - well done indeed!

  7. Beautiful work sir. The muted colours and the plaids really lend these a Scots feel.

  8. Excellent work, the plaid looks terrific


  9. Some really excellent looking figures!!

  10. thanks for the nice comments guys. SteveM.


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