Thursday, January 23, 2014

From JuanM: 28mm WSS French Officer, Chaos Dwarf & Otterburn Scots (50 points)

From Juan:
Another entry for "The Challenge". I have painted the "Crisis 2013" special figure that I was able to buy from a visitor. This is a very nice 28mm sculpted by Paul Hicks that I have painted as a Bourbon Field Officer on foot for the WSS.

Secondly, there is an old 28mm model from "Mirliton Miniatures", a Chaos Dwarf.

And finally, eight Scott foot soldiers for Otterburn. They are 28mm miniatures from "Claymore Castings" also sculpted by Paul Hicks.
Fantastic miniatures, really fine. I am painting a 24 models unit to use with their own ruleset, "The Hollow Crown" that I am adapting a bit.

Wonderful work Juan! My favourites are that WSS French officer (love the wig) and the Scots.  This entry makes my resolve waver on this Otterburn line - they are sooo nice!

This selection of miniatures will give Juan 50 points. Lovely stuff.


  1. You've totally nailed the haughtiness of that French Officer - you can almost smell the perfumed handkerchief as he tries to mask the smell of the common soldiery. A wonderful piece of work Sir.

    Pip pip

  2. Fantastic work! Those scotts are great.

  3. Great stuff Juan. Love the French officer with his foppish handkerchief!

  4. Excellent work. Those scots are really good looking figures.

  5. I do like the Claymore Castings and you have done an excellent job on them


  6. A very nice combination of miniatures

  7. Beautiful brushwork Juan. These are lovely.

  8. Damn fine painting Juan! Love the WSS officer!!! More please!!!


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