Thursday, January 23, 2014

From ChristopherS: 28mm AWI Virginian Continental Infantry (76 points)

Christopher sends us this beautiful unit of AWI Virginia Continental infantry to feast our eyes upon.

From Christopher:
The unit is the 1st Virginia Continental Infantry Regiment and is a period that I've long worked on, but haven't done anything for in quite some time. It's been fun to come back to the AWI period and will likely feature a lot more in my project plans this year as I wish do some more gaming in it.

The uniform is their early uniform in hunting shirts (my favorite) with a red trim, before later adopting the blue coat and red turn backs. I don't believe American units were ever completely uniformed so I made changes to colors, hats and other things to reflect this, but at the same time I put most of them in a unifying light grayish off white color and gave them all a red trim (a distinctive trait of the regiment in fact) so as to avoid them looking like militia.
The figures are Perry miniatures which make a brilliant AWI range that just keeps getting better. The flag is from the very nice Flag of Wars range of AWI flags.

Simply gorgeous work Christopher. I really like these early units that were dressed in the hunting shirt as it provides such a marked contrast to their more formal red-coated opponents.

This fine unit will give Christopher 76 points.


  1. Amazing work Chris! They'll definitely give the red-coats something to think about.

  2. Some really nice figures here - it's always good to see some of the more muted uniforms painted well.

    Pip pip

  3. They look terrific. I like your decisions, such as not painting white edging on all the hats, to give them a slightly variable and very American look. Bravo.

  4. Lovely brushwork indeed Christopher.

  5. Wowsers. These are something else!

  6. Excellent, that white is fantastic


  7. These are terrific. Both the painting and the bases. Outstanding.

  8. An lovely. Your. Asking is always so impressive too. Great unit.


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