Thursday, January 23, 2014

From BrendonW: 28mm War Machine Warjacks (40 points)

From Brendon:
These 2 big Plastic Warjacks for the War Machine game actually didn't take as long as some figures that are much smaller to complete. 
I think the scale of War Machine is 32mm Heroic. These steam and magic powered metal apes are around 70mm tall including the base. On these heavy metal beasts I wanted to emphasis the Metal as you can see. I started painting some pant chipping on the areas of colour but it was a much better result by using some torn foam from blister packaging that we all have in our hobby stash. 
I used the same basic colours as my Mantic Dwarf army and I might use these as stand ins for a 'Steel Behemoth' in 'Kings of War'. I have based them the same way as my Dwarfs with the interesting black stone and quartz mix. 
I have not played War Machine but it seems to have a bit of interest at my local club at the moment.

I can't profess to know anything about War Machine but these look very cool. I really like the exhaust ports (mufflers?) on the top of their chassis. I also really admire the chipping effect you've achieved from the torn foam - I'll have to remember that for future projects...

These two Warjacks will give Brendon 40 points. Great job!


  1. They make some pretty cool figures and these are well painted!

  2. Nice work! The grime on the exhausts looks particulary well done.

  3. Thanks for the positive words everyone.
    The exhaust was just Brass over black base with Army Painter Strong Tone ink was and a black wash

  4. These look great, really like the worn paint look and the metal itself looks good


  5. I like these a lot. Great job on the chipped paint.


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