Tuesday, January 21, 2014

From RossM: 28mm Challenge Desperado (20 points)

Ross enters the fray by submitting his Challenge Desperado.

From Ross:
This year so far has been a bit hectic. However, things are settling down now and hopefully there will be more pictures coming through shortly. 

So without any further ramblings there is the entry figure. A Hired Gun from Artizan Design. I am not overly familiar with Sam Peckinpah films so after a short time on google and you tube I have opted for a generic hired gun in a generic Western colour scheme.
The figure in 28m scale was great to paint with clean sculpting and a good casting too. There will be more of this range following shortly.
Wonderful work Ross! I'm a big fan of the Artizan Design range - their sculpts often have a great presence and sense of mass without being too bulky or ungainly. I quite like the unshaven craggy face on this dude, kinda reminds me of Josh Brolin. Very cool.

This fellow will give Ross 20 points. Well done Ross and thank you!


  1. You have done a great job on him, Very nice to see.

  2. He is great, love the five o'clock shadow


  3. Great painted model. Full of character!

  4. Loveky work. Especially the stubbles are a nice touch.

  5. Thank for the comments guys all greatly appreciated. The stubble was a first attempt and I am very pleased with the result. There will probably be more of this on some other figures coming to a blog near you soon.

    Cheers, Ross

  6. Very nice Ross, love the dark tone on the hat, very subtle.

  7. Excellent cowboy. The Artizan old west figures are a joy to paint.

  8. Top work Ross. The stubble is brilliant.


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