Monday, January 20, 2014

From IanW: 28mm WWII Winter Sniper Vignette (20 points)

Ian sends us a real little gem:
Here is a deluxe Sniper Reminder.

Everything but the figure is scratch built, oh the base is custom built built for me :-)

The walls are made from Linka moulds with the pavement made out of Linka stone walls.
The window frame started life as a Warbases panelled window which I cut out most of the inner frames then added another though I had to cut out the corners to make it fit.
The power lines is fuse wire with the pole two old paint brushes, bits of balsa and brass pins.
The figure needed elevating so I added a few piles of bricks and pinned a door (more balsa and another pin head) on top of them. 

I have also added some broken bricks from Model Display Products. You get about 250 bricks for just £2.50 and being made of clay break up just right.

More of the snow I have been playing with recently. I am very pleased with the result and hope the person who has waited well over a year for me to get to it will be as well.
Wow! What an amazingly evocative scene. Great job Ian. From the shattered telephone pole through to the frost on the walls this is simply amazing work and so wonderfully realized. I'm sure your client will be delighted with this new addition to his collection.

This sniper vignette will give Ian 20 points. Again, great work!


  1. Wow - I feel colder just looking at this. And I'm in Winnipeg. Great job!

  2. That sniper reminder is just so cool Ian :)

  3. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.
    Excellent job.

  4. Great modelling and painting work, sir.

  5. What a lovely little vignette! The snow is just about right.

  6. Really really nice - you've nailed the snow effect on this one. My favourite sniper reminder for sure!

  7. You earned your points here bud. Nice work.

  8. Amazing stuff Ian. So much to look at packed into a small space!

  9. Wonderful scene, and very evocative. Well done Sir.

    Pip pip

  10. Thanks to all for the comment's it sure brings a smile to my mug



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