Monday, January 20, 2014

From RayR: 15mm 9YW French Cavalry (70 points)

Ray staggers us all by submitting something completely new: 15mm Nine Year War French cavalry... in light blue (GASP).

From Ray:
For my next entry of stuck with my French NYW army and I've stuck to the Cavalry but this time a Dragoon regt. They are once again Essex Minis with a great flag from Maverick Models. They're based up for Beneath the Lily Banners, using Warbases MDF bases. 

The unit represented is the Dauphin Dragoons mounted and dismounted. They wore an all blue uniform which again was a nice change from all that boring grey. I used a lighter brighter shade of blue than my previous Anjou regt, just to make a change.

Ray, you are like a dog with a bone when it come to the Nine Years War. Three Challenges and you've hardly ever wavered from The Cause.  I salute you! Seriously, these look great Ray (wonderful job in picking out the cording on the drummers) and that backdrop does a great job in setting the scene. 

The Dauphin Dragoons (with and without horses) will give Ray 70 points. Great job!


  1. You know when you have finished all the nice colour units and left with the grey, you WILL be sorry ;-)

    These look very very nice


  2. Very nice Ray keep them coming

  3. Ooooooo a bit of lovliness these Ray.

  4. Brilliant looking unit, Ray! Be carefull! I started painting blue uniforms and grey uniforms several years ago and it seems I cannot stop returning to them. The true tragedy is I do not own many ACW or other periods. That is A LOT of Scifi and Fantasy in blue and grey! ;)


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