Monday, January 20, 2014

From PaulS: Zombie Fatties, Abominations & Commando Force (160 points)

Okay, emerging from the crashing and smashing of the 'Vehicle(s)' bonus round we have another real treat with Paul's excellent greyscale zombies PLUS an impressive Commando force to counter this undead threat. 

From Paul:
I finally finished off the last couple of normal Fatties and the second Abomination for Season 2 of Zombicide. I've also managed to get a sample Rage fattie and Toxic Fattie complete to show the difference in the colour splashes. Hopefully the green will show up in a large horde. At the moment it's looking a little too subtle... but that's what experiments are for.
Just before I came across the challenge, I'd bought some Bolt Action figures to use in some WW2 games, mostly Cthulhu based ones like Strange Aeons or for my players in the Achtung! Cthulhu rpg. I'd originally only intended to put together enough for the players and a few NPCs, but with the challenge came the idea of actually turning them into working Bolt Action forces. So, I would like to present my first, complete, British Commando force, totalling about 500 points worth of troops (24 models). A very small, elite force. Hopefully this will be a fun little setup to learn with and is certainly a good starting point to grow from. Apart from the officer, the entire force was constructed from one box of Warlord's plastic Commandos. If I hadn't given one figure to a friend, I could have made everything from the one set, which seems like excellent value when you compare it to some other manufacturers who I will not name.
The force consists of a 2nd Lieutenant, plus his supporting rifleman. The Lt model came from a set of pulp characters one of the Lead Adventure forum members had sculpted. He was supposed to be Rorschach from Watchmen, so I replaced the masked head with a spare from the Commando sprue so that he fitted in more.

British forces in Bolt Action get a free observer to drop an artillery barrage on the enemy.
A Medic is always useful for keeping your elite squads going.

A PIAT team seemed to make sense in case I come across any armoured vehicles.
And a Sniper team to take out officers or weapon teams.
Along with the obligatory two sets of commandos to fill out the infantry slots. These guys are armed with 4 smgs and 1 lmg each, so should put out a fair amount of firepower

This week Also saw the Achtung! Cthulhu kickstarter models arrive in the post, so the two characters from the British army were painted up in the same style and colours as the rest of the commando force, seen here accompanying the commander; Captain Harris on the left and Corporal Singh on the right. Both are really nice sculpts, even if Harris is tiny compared to any of the plastics that surround him. The smg on his back was from the Commando plastics as the metal one in the kickstarter kit was far too thin and bent to be of any real use. These two will be of more use in the rpg scenarios or Strange Aeons, but could make for some interesting officers in Bolt Action if they ever get around to the rumoured Weird War 2 supplement.
Just for fun, here's a shot of some Commandos cornered in a graveyard by the zombie horde.

Awesome work Paul! Your greyscale zombies are first rate and I think the green will stand out on the tabletop but field-testing will confirm. The Commandos are very nice as well I love the medic with the comb-over hair and the Sikh with his Kirpan. Very cool.

These arcane commandos and the zombie additions will give Paul 160 points. This entry will see him surmount his initial points target with almost two months to spare. Great work!


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    1. Thanks :)
      Now to pluck up the enthusiasm to do the rest of the zombies...

  2. Hmmmm Fat zombies.... it's just like my town centre on a Saturday morning.
    Yeah get the enthusiasm to get some more done these are cracking!

  3. Very nice! The greyscale Zombies are my favourites.

  4. Wonderful stuff Paul. Those fatties are hideous!

  5. They really do work a treat Paul, brilliant job.

  6. Excellent painting and great ideas.


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