Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vehicle Bonus Round Points and Achievements

Well I managed to grind through the point allotments for the recent 'Vehicle(s)' bonus round (no thanks to Tamsin, whose entry made me take off my mitts and socks in order to add up the points for her crazy Space Fleet submission). The new totals are now reflected in the sidebar points roster.

Additionally, we had several notable achievements stem from the bonus round:

1) Clint has handily met his Challenge target of 600 points. Congratulations Mr. Camel! Now you have to set a new target to take you through the next two months - On to Damascussssh!

2) At the start of this year's event Miles, in the spirit of the recent America's Cup, had challenged any Aussies or Kiwis to race him to 750 points including at least one nautical themed entry. To his country's honour, Brendon picked up the gauntlet and fought the good fight (check out his great Dystopian Wars Japanese battleship in this latest bonus round) but Miles has claimed victory by perfectly tacking onto 750 points this round. Great race guys and congratulations Miles!

3) Finally, Christopher, Martin and I challenged one another to see who could get to 500 points first. I have managed to muddle my way to this target ahead of the lads and so claim the brass ring. Well done guys, but you should know not to compete with the guy who runs the books. ;-P

Now we only await the end of the voting to discover the final point awards for this round.

As a reminder the next round is 'Hero or Heroic Group' so start glueing fingers together and thrashing those brushes!


  1. Congrats MilesR. I didn't think I was going to win that one.
    Well done Curt on calculating all those points especially Tamsins space fleet of doom.

  2. That must have been a mammoth task Curt sorting all the points out. I'll have to have a think about my new target, as my first time in the challenge I really don't know what I can achieve Only a few more camels left to go.....

    Congrats to all the others mentioned above. I a really enjoying being part of this great painting event . And it's all the other contestants who are making it so enjoyable for me. As well as your good self Curt.

  3. Well done everyone, especially you Curt!!

  4. Sorry about the headache (and no doubt incipient alcoholism, not to mention potential frostbite) that my entry caused.

    Ooooh - only 40 points away from winning the sidebar race to 1000 - I'd better crack on with the PyRats :)

  5. Turning into quite the tussle here at the top of the table!

    Who will win this titanic struggle...?

  6. Congrats to everyone - I'm struggling to stay in the top ten but this challenge is a lot of fun!

  7. Thans for keeping the roster up-to-date and congrats to all participants. There have been so many great entries...

  8. well done Mr C... you mad fool you!

  9. Great work Curt - really fun (and impressive) competition

  10. Well done everyone. Now onto the next round!


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