Tuesday, January 21, 2014

From KevH: 20mm Romans, Celtic Cavalry, Crusader Command & Saracens (220 points)

From Kev:

A few more entries for you. All are for our Hail Caesar games.
First up are the Romans for the game we had last thursday. We did notice that for the battle of Medway we needed a few more units of auxiliaries. I painted up another unit of Strelets 1/72 Roman auilliary Medium foot (12 figs) and had to do a bit of conversion work for the 6 light cavalry.

4 of the figures are made up of, Italeri celtic cavalry legs with a light infantry upper torso from Hat's. Alexanders Light infantry, all on Italeri Celt horses. These seem to fit the bill as they are javelin armed. A Hat celt and an odd Hat Numidian make up the 6 figure unit.

Then back to the Crusades. I need a few divisional commanders, so here is the first.
Crusader Military commander. I decided on the red and white to make them stand out on the table. The flag bearer is a small conversion. Both are Strelets figures on Accurate figures horses.
Next up... The First non Military order foot unit is a unit of medium infantry Flemish warriors in the usual green surcoat with added cross. (12 figures with converted standard bearer). All Strelets 1/72.

Finally... The first of my Saracen units. 12 figure medium infantry City Militia.

These are actually from Hat's El Cid range and are Andalusians. They do fit in quite well for the Crusades though and make great generic Saracens.
Unlike the Crusaders that I want to have a quite uniformed look, the Saracens I want to be colourful and very diverse in their appearance.

Beautiful work Kev! These are all great but that Crusader command and the Saracens are off the hook. Gorgeous stuff.

This collection of figures will give Kev 220 points with a bonus for the banners, shields and heraldry. Well done!


  1. A great entry Kev, lovin' the Saracens!!

  2. Thankyou ladies n gents.
    More Crusades to come yet

  3. Where do I get started for Crusades stuff??? That is awesome.

    1. Thanks everyone, this is all 1/72 stuff Greg.
      The Crusades are pretty well covered in plastics.
      I am working to the lists in the Hail Caesar late antiquities book.
      The standard list for the Crusaders covers most troop types.
      I am using the ayubid egyptians list for the saracens, although their are other options in the book.
      I am using a different painting style for the crusades stuff, a single colour on a black primer.
      Just applying the colour sparingly as not to fully block out, this leaves the dark recesses and adds depth.
      I can' get away with this style on 28mm but it seems to work ok on the 20's.
      It is also a quick tecnique to rattle through units.

    2. Thanks Kev. I'm going to have to find this book...

  4. Ahh, crusades is so evocative and these are very nice. Been tempted many times and will be tempted again.

  5. Very nice work! Especially the Saracens caught my eye.

  6. Very nice indeed. The Saracens are beautiful.

  7. All round a very nice entry



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