Saturday, January 18, 2014

From IanW: 28mm WWII Soviet Sniper/Casualty Markers (55 points)

From Ian:
In trying to bounce back into it I offer you eleven 28mm figures. All are Black Tree Miniatures except I think the guy kneeling with the fur cap, he I think is a Artizan Partisan.
Typical of Black Tree, these are great sculpts with very nice faces to fork on. Lots of little details to pick out and realistic poses. 
I actually have painted up thirteen figures but the other two will have to wait as they are being based a little different, the clue to one is on my blog LOL.
Having had Deluxe Materials Scenic Snow effects for Christmas I was keen to have a play. It's quite easy to use though can be a bit time consuming and I recommend a mask as some of the effects happen to be a micro-fine dust that is great for frosting.

I have had a lot of fun with these guys and have another twelve German's to add which will be started soon.

Great work Ian. I've always really liked your Second World War figures and these don't disappoint (and you are a veritable one-man industry with these handy Sniper/Casualty Counters!).

These eleven markers will give Ian 55 points. Well done Old Boy.


  1. Nice job Ian. The first figures painted in white and on snow bases are terrific!

  2. V. nice snipers Ian, but you're still way behind me in the race to 1000 points :)

  3. Great looking figs, especially the snow on the bases.

  4. Very nice, on the snow I really like the 'light frosting' on the last pic on the right.

  5. Very scenic and very seasonal! As you say, the faces come up really nicely.

  6. Great work! The snow effect looks very convincing.


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