Saturday, January 18, 2014

From AndrewS: 20mm Ancient Briton Slingers (90 points)

After some mulling it over Andrew has claimed 2750 as his new Challenge points target and so to kick-off his new gambit he's sent in these wonderful ancient Briton slingers and fanatics.

From Andrew:
I had decided that while I was working on some Ancient Britons that we needed for a game, that I might as well paint a few more up!
One thing my tribes needed were a few more skirmish slingers, under our rule changes for Hail Caesar all skirmish units are groups of three figures mounted on pennies. Now I looked in my bits box and found 5 slingers, which left me short of making two units but after a good rummage I came up with another four figures that I could readily convert into the aforementioned. 
So now I have bolstered the forces with 3 units of 3 slingers again these are all Newline 20mm metals. The new slingers were made by removing spears and cutting a loop of fine florists wire to make a new sling, I kept the colours a bit more muted on these but still had to do checks and stripes on a few for good measure.
In a very rare moment I was sat painting the other day and had a bit of an idea, you see advancing age means that occasionally I forget the special rules for some troops, the Ancient British warbands have a wild fighters rule which give them a bonus in their first combat, so I came up with the idea of a marker to aid as a visual reminder to use the rule, and then once used can be removed signifying the unit has already been in combat and used its bonus.
Again a good rummage in the bits box provided me with 12 naked fanatics, so I mounted these onto pennies and created some markers.
Now in all fairness I could have just painted them in the flesh colour and called that it. But fanatics are fanatics and the little blighters called for some war paint to protect there modesty a little.

I did not give them shields as they will be regularly handled and therefore they would be unlikely to stay attached for too long. I did have to make a couple of javelins for two figures as they had no weapon, as brave as they may have been I don't envisage them being so stupid as to not need something to fight with.
Wonderful stuff Andrew. Again, I really like the trews on the slingers but the fanatics are my favourite with their wode tattoos.

These wild Briton will give Andrew 90 points with a bit added in for the tattoos and trews.


  1. Very nice force, Andrew. Great fanatics!

  2. Really cool, i think your the one to watch nice new total keep up the great work

  3. Keep 'em coming Loki!! Great looking figures!

  4. Yay.. Nice , great new target by the way.

  5. lovely work and the speed is so fast for so much detail


  6. Andrew
    Lovely stuff. With their tacky tartan trousers those young lads are all set for a round on 18 on the links! I do like the woad too. The idea of "heh don't forget the special rule doofus" markers is great. I'll be copying that.

  7. Well done on upping the points target target. These are really great additions.

  8. Great stuff mate, especially the slinger conversions.

  9. Fanatics and golfers, errmmm, slingers!

    Lovely stuff as always Loki :)

  10. Wow! These are absolutely amazing. Again your Tartan looks spot on but the tattoed lunatics are great! Spotted some boobies in there too ;-) So you managed to sneak them in here too.

  11. Damn fine stuff again buddy.
    The celts collection is growing rapidly.


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