Saturday, January 18, 2014

From AndyM: 15mm ACW Union Cavalry (113 points)

Andy gets some traction in the points roster by tucking these Union cavalry under his belt.

From Andy:
Many moons ago, late 90's I think, I went to the Edinburgh Wargames Show (Claymore) and on the bring and buy spotted a large 15mm ACW Union army. These were all 2nd Gen Minifigs and based for Fire and Fury. The paint job was simple but neat.  I then managed to acquire a 15mm Confederate army from my mate Billy in Birmingham. I re-based  them and had great plans for ACW gaming! The Union army was lacking cavalry and somehow I never got round to painting any of the numerous unpainted packs that came with it and eventually the project fell to the wayside so I sold the lot back to Billy! Fast forward 13 years or so and the arrival of Sam Mustafa's Longstreet rules and the desire to give ACW a go again! I bought the lot back off Billy and sorted the unpainted stuff out and there was enough to do a basic 8 stand cavalry unit.
I couldn't match the blue used on the originals (and thought it too dark anyway) so upon some research amongst friends tried Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue and Prussian Blue on a sample next to an original:
Happy enough with this I went ahead with the the main lot. I had decided to keep them simple and over black undercoat just painted round straps etc. (Thanks to Loki for the Vallejo Black Surface Primer recommendation). I eventually decided they looked too plain so added a Ogryn Flesh Wash and assorted washes on the horses. And the cross swords on the kepi to give a little contrast:

I knew I needed dismounted versions. Although there were about a dozen already done I decided the difference in colour was too much so repainted the lot!

And obviously I needed a symbolic horse holder stand as well. And took the chance to do one for the Confederate cavalry as well:
And here they are in two ranks.
Flags are by GMB (which were fiddlier than I thought in 15mm!). All figures are Minifigs 2nd Gen although there are a couple of 3rd Gen horses in there (e.g. dismounts and command) and I think the horse holders may be Lancashire Games?
I've also finished rebasing all the Confederates so in theory could go for a game. However I think I might want to re-base all the Union to match first... :)

Now, where are all those 28mm figures I need to do!
Wow, this project has gone through enough hands so lets hope with these great new additions they will take root and see a game! Great work Andy. ACW cavalry is always such a big job as they served both mounted and dismounted roles so you HAVE TO do both. I quite like the blues you've used and will have to try this out in the future in my own collection.

These damn horse yankees will give Andy 113 points. Well done!


  1. Great work Andy, nice to see you getting them going again


  2. Quite a story to this isn't there? Good to see you getting them working at last. They look great, keep it up!

  3. Fantastic work, Andy. Very nice the blue colour.

  4. Having seen these I want to paint 15mm ACW today! That should give you an idea how much I like them.

  5. Nice looking blue bellies Andy :)

  6. A great job on the damn yankees Andy.

  7. Andy
    Very nice troops. What make and vintage are they/

  8. @PeterD, They are Minfigs 2nd Gen bar a few of the horses. And I think the horse holders are Lancashire. I need to try and track down some of the 2nd Gen Zouaves to add to what I have...

    @All, Thanks for the nice comments. Fifth of the way there now! :)

    1. Andy
      I gotta say I love me a good Minifig. The detail and size doesn't match the current output, but there's something about the clean crisp sculpts and the classic poses. Plus they really come to life with a little care with the paint brush. Well done and thanks for the nostalgia trip.
      Cheers, PD

    2. Minifigs are not the easyist figures to paint, you've done them proud!

  9. Nice work Andy. I had me some of them Minifigs once, they are nice sculpts. Very old school. I am impressed by how you stuck with that project - all that repainting


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