Thursday, January 30, 2014

From FranL: 28mm F&IW French Regiment Languedoc & 15mm Modern British Platoon (143 points)

We can't have a Ray submission without one from Francis, and so like magic...
Here is is a 28mm FIW French "Languedoc" Regiment consisting of 12 figures from AW Miniatures for my Bloggers for Charity submission, a few issues with the figures but they should be alright once based in a unit (not allowed to base them as they are being based all in one go) with a nice flag!
The 5th,6th and last picture are of a 15mm modern British platoon with extras from Old Glory. 

Most of these figures came from my Secret Santa and should have some "Viking" vehicles to transport them soon.
Great work Fran! I must say it's kinda wild seeing you paint Horse & Musket figures - you've done a great job on them. Could these entice you into a new period perhaps? Of course your modern stuff is always top notch. I look forward to seeing the upcoming rides for these lads.

The Regiment Languedoc and this modern British infantry platoon will give Fran 143 points. Well done Mr. Lee! 


  1. Curse you Fran I was hoping to overtake you before the weekend. Now that's not gonna happen. Well done mate it all looks good to me.

  2. Bloggers for Charity gets another great shot in the arm


  3. Nice work on all f these by Fran; great looking French and all the nicer as a chrarity submission. Best, Dean

  4. Nice work, Fran! I like the French, although I prefer my ancestors more! ;)
    The British paras look really good and ready to defend against your equally nice Koreans!

  5. Nice work on both sets of figures Fran :)

  6. Lovely stuff mate, especially the French. Unfortunately I'll never get to paint the marines I had volunteered for now ;-(

  7. Replies
    1. Owch! You're being a bit of a meanie Mr. R!


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