Thursday, January 30, 2014

From SebG: 15mm ACW Union Artillery 'The West Point Battery' (30 points)

Seb continues to tear along with his ACW project with his fine battery of Union guns.

From Seb:
Following my previous entries, I've now added some heavy support for my Union brigade, with a battery of three guns. As usual, they're from Old Glory and were a joy to paint. You have 2 10" rifled parrots, and 1 Napoleon. They're supposed to represent the 5th United States Artillery, Company D, aka "the West point battery", under Cpt Charles Griffin, whom you can see observing the enemy positions with his binoculars. This chap is interesting, since he fought during the Mexican war, taught at West point, then was promoted to lead a brigade, and finally the V. Corps at the end of the war. Worthy of a hero. But all in good time. 
They're not the right guns to represent the unit at Bull Run, but it will be more practical for the rest of the war.

Now I need to finish my hero bonus entry.

Lovely work Seb. I like the fellow in his red shirtsleeves and the figure for Griffin looks great calling out orders as he ranges-in his battery.

These three guns and their crews will give Seb 30 points.


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