Thursday, January 30, 2014

From DallasE: Warhammer 40K Ogryn (8 points)

From Dallas:
Here's my latest for the Challenge. It's a Games Workshop Ogyrn that I picked up second-hand in a mixed bag of models. 
Unfortunately, he didn't come with a head... but I'd had other plans for him anyway. 
I have started a Traitor Guard army with all gas-masked troops, and he'd fit right in with a bit of conversion. 
I superglued a wooden bead in place of his head, then sculpted the gasmask with greenstuff. His camouflage pants match the scheme of the rest of the army.

That bead=head modification turned out brilliant Dal. The gasmask sculpt is very well done - I thought it was stock to the figure when I first saw it - bravo!

This large nasty lad with his BFG will give Dallas 8 points. 


  1. Great work Dallas. Again with the sculpted gas should start an online service :)

  2. Really nice Dallas. I especially like the skin tones and the lenses. Oh and of course the wooden head... kinda fitting for an ogryn actually....

  3. yep this is really excellent, love the look


  4. Wow, like Curt I thought that was an original cast. Very well done indeed as is the painting. The light effect on the lenses is terrific!

  5. Very nice Dallas, especially the homemade head!

  6. That sculpting is terrific, as is the lens effects.
    Well done Dallas!

  7. Cracking, great bit of innovation Dallas.

  8. Excellent work and the gas mask head is brilliant.

  9. Really excellent - I love the gasmasked head!

  10. I know I am not alone in thinking the new head is better than the original. Terrific painting sculpting and overall look of the beast.


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