Wednesday, January 29, 2014

From RayR: 15mm NYW French Dragoons (94 points)

Today Ray submits a unit of Space Marines from the 'Imperial Hangnail' Chapter followed by a gaggle of unicorn-riding dryads playing harps... 

I know, not a bloody chance. Yep, more 15mm Nine Years War French donkey wollopers. 

From Ray:
I have been a busy boy with the brush and I've finished yet again another NYW unit, once again its a French Dragoon regt, the Royal Grammont Dragoons, who fought at 3 major battles of the Nine Years War, Walcourt,  Namur and Steenkirke. 

You'll all be very surprised to read that the figures are from Essex miniatures and the flags are from Maverick Models. i like this flags its not the colour of the unit, which makes a nice change for cavalry unit in the period.

My next entry won't be a NYW one, but don't panic, there'll be more NYW stuff on the way soon!!
Yeah right. I'll believe it when I see it Rousell.

Okay, so what's with that poor lonely nag in the background? Perhaps one of these poor Shining Sons of France fell off drunk a mile back...

Seriously though, this is beautiful work Ray. The buff facings of this unit are set off quite nicely with the vibrant red of the coat and trousers, very chic.  Question: Are you doing separate horse holder stands for your dismounted dragoons or just going to leave them as is?

This fine regiment of Grammont Dragoons will give Ray 94 points which places him within striking distance of his 600 point target. Nice one Ray!


  1. A fine entry from Ray. Excellent looking cav

  2. Excellent, when will they see the table?


  3. Really loving your 15's Ray.
    These look great :)

  4. Great looking cav Ray - I look forward to seeing them on the tabletop in one of your AAR's

  5. Great looking unit, Ray!
    those dismounted dragoons are how the unit would move after my ancestors stole the horses! ;)

  6. Cheers for the comments Ladies and Gentlemen!

    I would love to do horse holders but alas Essex don't sell them, I did i base of horseholders for a previous regt using Irregular minis but they're not the best, Black Hat do a nice Dis-mounterd Dragoon command set, where I could use the standard bearer as a horse holder, but I'd have no use for the other figures, And besides you don't really need them for Beneath the Lilly Banners rules???

  7. Drat, I was looking forward too seeing the Space Marines. These will just about do instead I guess... Nah, they're lovely. Well done mate.

  8. Really excellent, Ray! Wonderful work. French dragoons always look great on the table and yours are certainly no exception!


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