Thursday, January 9, 2014

From ClintB: 20mm Arab Revolt Camel Riders (96 points)

Apparently this is the Year of the Camel as we make the trek from Sidney's Sudan to have another visit of Clint's Arabia. 

From Clint:
Here is my next submission to the painting challenge 12 more 20mm Camels and Riders.
This puts me about 1/2 way through the force so while there is still more to come I will no doubt be starting the Turkish forces soon.

'On to Damascushh!!' You know, the world is a lesser place without Peter O'Toole in it. I loved him in 'Lawrence of Arabia' (or as I like to call it, 'Larry of the Sands') and I try to watch it every winter to remind me what heat is all about. But this year I won't have to because Clint is sending in these fabulous Arab Revolt models. Great job Clint! I really like what you've done with the varied robes, saddlery and headdress on these fellows. Marvellous stuff. 

These dozen camels with their riders will give Clint a cool 96 points. Now get back to your hobby desk and bust your hump to get the next set done!  :)


  1. Stunning work Clint, these are excellent

  2. Amazing camels! As Curt already pointed out the various colours really bring them to life.

  3. Absolutely lovely - they look great fun to paint!

  4. Great stuff Clint, the stripes really make them.

    Curt, I'll never think of the film the same way after your Larry of the Sands comment :-)

  5. Very nice camel riders - and quite a tribute to a great actor - one of my all-time favorites (loved him as the angels who visited Abraham - aka Patton aka George C. Scott in The Bible) Best, Dean

  6. Very nice, I thought they were 28's


  7. Yup, top notch stuff , good work Clint.

  8. Thanks everyone for the comments. I pick up my next batch of camels and riders up on Sunday so more will be coming in a week or two. So I hope you are not too bored with then just yet.

  9. Sounds like there should have been a camel side challenge. Great work on these.

    1. I have no idea what I will be painting this time next year. So far to early so offer a side challenge on Camels. And would Sopwiths count? Although maybe I could do a 10mm Arab revolt game to get some train action going!

  10. I like the tones you used on those camels. Excellent work Clint!