Friday, January 10, 2014

From AlanD: 15mm WWII German Anti-Tank Guns (20 points)

From Alan:
Here are a couple of 15mm PaK 38s from Forged in Battle. These will help to boost the anti tank capability of my Panzergrenadiers in Battle Group Kursk, so as well as gaining me a few extra points against Paul, they should also contribute to some of his burning tanks in our next game.

You may notice that the barrel of one of the guns is a bit wonky. This gun is cursed. I think I dropped in eight times while painting the damn thing, and at least four of these accidents involved the barrel bending or breaking off, or one or more of the crew figures coming off the base. Hopefully it will perform better in battle.
Alan, I think you'll be proved right, that borked gun will probably be a veritable 88 on the table. (And in that Paul will be hard pressed not to pick it up and finish the job you failed to do while painting it!)

These two guns with their crews will give Alan 20 points as he draws ever nearer to his 500 point goal. Great work!


  1. Very nice work. The basing is absolutely great.

  2. Yes, that basing is superb. Lovely painting too.

  3. Yes the bases are fantastic, they really look like they part of the terrain.

  4. Great job mate! That said I look forward to crushing them under the treads of the Motherland's glorious Tank Brigades!

    Furthemore, these points clearly don't count, as you painted these while I was absent on Community Service tasks!

  5. very nice work, the bases really set these off

  6. These look great, I think the flowers really look right on the bases, which make are they?


    1. Thanks Ian. The flowers are the meadow flowers strip made by Army Painter.

  7. Good stuff... I pray I never I have to face to PAK from hell... It is bound to be lethal!

  8. Great work on both the painting and the basing


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