Saturday, January 4, 2014

From Aaron Hunt: 28mm Rogers' Rangers (32 points)

Aaron shows us his Bloggers for Charity figures, a fine set of Rogers' Rangers.

From Aaron:
These eight models are rangers for my Bloggers for Charity contribution.  They were generously donated by the manufacturer, AW Miniatures, and shipped to me by Loki.  I had started these before the Challenge, but only got as far as painting their faces.  Since I wasn’t all that happy with the primer on a couple of them anyway (it was splotchy/chunky) I stripped the lot and started over. 

I found these to be really hard to paint.  I had to do a lot of research to figure out the uniforms, or whether they were even going to have a uniform appearance.  In the end I decided to paint them up as Roger’s Rangers, since that is the most famous American ranger unit.  My sources seemed to have them in green jackets, but I mixed things up a little bit in other places.  
By and large the castings are very nice but the muskets have some of the oddest flash on them that I’ve ever seen.  Two of these model’s muskets are the worst castings I’ve dealt with in a long time.  I did my best to cover the imperfections with paint but I’m not completely happy with my ability to cover the casting errors.
Now that they are done I’m very happy with them.  Painting these was a bit like free association.  I was just unable to develop a plan so I started slapping paint on until I realized they were done.  Future units will be easier, if I ever get into FIW. 

These are unbased as Loki will be taking care of the basing to ensure a uniform appearance, on that front at any rate.  Loki, if there is anything you want me to change on these, you have a few days until I’ll be able to get them mailed across the pond to you.
Great work Aaron. I think you've done a wonderful job on these fellows especially since it's your first foray into the period (quite like that green you've done).

These eight Rangers will give Aaron 32 points. Nice job!


  1. Look great and thank you for doing your bit for BfC

  2. Very nice. Good on you for being involved in BfC as well sir.

  3. Those are really nice. Well done for doing you bit for bfc.

  4. You've done well Aaron, I have a unit from the same company and there was a lot of green stuff and swearing!

  5. Nice looking figures, shame you had issues with come of the castings


  6. Very nicely painted Aaron. I suspect we'll be seeing quite a lot of BfC figures appearing in this Challenge :)


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