Saturday, January 4, 2014

From KevH: 20mm Viking Command (26 points)

From Kev: 
A Viking CiC. Six foot figures in total, a couple are slight conversions. This could also be a Villian, lol. 1/72 Strelets and Zvezda figures. First of many Vikings to come. I love painting these.

I am painting these to a better standard than the Crusaders. The Saxon army to oppose these is currently on the Strelets website in their gallery.

Wonderful work Kev. I really like the vibrant colours you've used for your smaller scale figures and the raven banner is winner as well.

This command stand will give Kev 26 points. Considering his past four submissons came in at once he did an amazing amount of work leading into New Years Day - Well done!


  1. Really lovely work there, Kev. I look forward to seeing the vikings yet to come.

  2. Yes really love the colours you've done a superb job

  3. Cheers guys.
    The full army is nearly finished.
    Another few days to go.

  4. Great looking work, I think you should race Loki to 2,000 points ;-)


  5. Very nice work Kev. Commiserations on missing out on winning the 1k race.

  6. Cripes, I thought they were 28s until I read the copy. Top notch work sir!

  7. Marvelous paintjob !
    I couldn't belief they're only 20mm... Wow !

  8. Cheers Everyone.
    The Army is no to far away now.

  9. These are some excellent looking figures! Well done.


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