Saturday, January 4, 2014

From FranL: 15mm Modern Soviet Armour (24 points)

We have another dash to the finish line today with Fran seizing the win in the 600 point race.

From Fran:
This is a pre-emptive panic post to grab my 600 and flee.....

We have some 15mm QRF horrible castings of 3 BTR-80s and 1 T-72 for my Chechen forces to face off against the Russians but while they're suitable, these figures are less than stellar in there casting and quality, same Russian green colour as the Russian armour just to show who the former owners were?

A nice push for victory Fran! I've always liked the bright blue 'lens' colours you use for your lights and optics - they serve a nice contrast from the muted military colours. 

These four vehicles will give Fran 24 points and so enough for him to claim the race to the 600 point marker. Well done Mr. Lee! Now, what will be your next points target?


  1. Congrats on the Duel win. You will see the figure I have painted for you in the Villain round. No it is not Ray but it does have a sombrero!

  2. Well done there Fran, looks like I owe you a figure...

  3. Handsome models and congratulations to Fran for taking the intermediate sprint!

  4. Fran won the duel, Fran won the duel. I would feel badly for the rest of you, but Fran won the duel.

    Nice work ya big Irishman!

  5. Great job Fran! Have to agree - QRF castings are very disappointing for the most part.

    1. I don't know why I still buy them but they do stuff others didn't or don't do!

  6. You are the winner, Fran! Great work, and very nice painting work.

  7. Thanks for that my friends, will slow down a bit now but will set my new target at 1000.

  8. Congrats on getting to the 600


  9. Congratulations Big Fella and as a bonus some bragging rights over that Badger fella too I call that a win / win situation

  10. That's some impressive looking armour! Very well done.


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