Sunday, January 5, 2014

From GillesW: 15mm Ancient Libyan Archers (216 points)

Gilles sends us a veritable tribe of Libyan archers for us to enjoy.
A big post this time! Not a great quality but a great quantity.
108 Early Libyan archers (15mm Essex) coming from a new experiment I tried recently, a result of a dive in the 'Jester’s Bath'. 

This is a white undercoat, then a painting session for the details, a satin varnish spray on them, and the longest part of the work:” the basing”.

Hope you like them.

Yes we do! Great work Gilles, I really like the detail work you did with their cloaks and headdress - it makes for a very interesting (and colourful) army.

These Libyan archers will give Gilles a very tidy 216 points to add to his total. Well done!


  1. Wow who's been very busy, great job i really like the paint work and basing really nice

  2. Quantity has a quality of its own, and with colour choices theses look ace, well done.

  3. Always good to see a large block of troops. Terrific

  4. Very nice work Gilles, and I have some of these to do later so will serve as good inspiration

  5. That's a lot of archers, how big must the army be?


  6. Thats an impressive looking force there Gilles.
    Lovely work

  7. Great stuff Gilles. The cattle skin prints are spectacularly good at this scale!

  8. Very nice and colorful looking force!



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