Sunday, January 5, 2014

From TamsinP: 15mm Thirty Years War Artillery (40 points)

Tamsin submits a group of ten regimental guns for her Thirty Years War collection.

From Tamsin:
After the mammoth efforts of the Swiss halberdiers and Korean missile troops, followed by the highly detailed work on the coureurs de bois, I fancied a quick win. Looking around the mass of lead I had primed ahead of the Challenge, my eyes fell on two projects  - a bunch of 10 regimental guns for my 30 Years War army and another project.
I wasn't expecting these to be ready quite so quickly, but the basing gunk had dried by Saturday evening so I decided to finish them.

These ten guns are 15mm from Donnington Miniatures. In FoG:R they are quite handy attachments for infantry units (where permitted by army lists) as they give an extra dice during shooting and impact phases for very little cost. 
These are mounted on 25x25mm bases as they are treated as markers rather than bases. I've included a couple of pictures of a marker with a unit of pike & shot.

Very nice Tamsin. They look very cool when combined with your pike and shot units, though perhaps a lone gunner with each piece would help to complete the picture? 

These ten guns will give Tamsin 40 points to pop her over the 500 mark - great work!


  1. I love all those guns, the figures real nice well done Tamsin

  2. Good going. Like the 30 years war stuff. Big thumbs up!

  3. Really nice painting work. A great battery!

  4. Nice looking guns and like Clint I would have liked to see a crew figure on them as well but I see the reasoning as they are just markers.


  5. Hi Tamsin,

    well done! what a great battery!
    now I fell in my renaissance unpainted lead pile;-)

    All the best.

    GillesW " the fake painter;-) "

  6. Tamsin
    Nice work. I especially like the red on the foot.


  7. You certainly get a lot of bang for your buck with this entry Tamsin, bravo!

  8. Excellent work by Tasmin, and quickly too.

  9. Thanks folks!

    @ Curt and Ian - I did consider adding a crew member early on, but decided against it as the base wouldn't really have the room and they are there more as markers

    @ Gilles - glad to have inspired you :)

    @ Peter - the red is vermillion over a yellow ochre base (Vallejo Model Colour)

    @ Michael - yup, plenty of bang for the bucks.

  10. Very nice Tamsin. I love those big guns. BOOM BOOM!

  11. Well done Tamsin!
    Excellent guns

  12. One of my favourite era. Very cool.

  13. Nice work Tamsin. You've got me eyeing up the 6 Spencer Smith guns and crews I have!


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