Tuesday, December 31, 2013

From MartinN: 28mm Dark Age Franks (40 points)

Being a rather slow painter I finally managed to get the figures for my next entry done. These Saxon Gedrith will feature in future games of Dux Britanniarum and Dux Bellorum. I intend to use them as Franks as I want leave the British Isles story wise. 
Although the Age of Arthur in good old Britain is for sure one of the most interesting Periods I'm a bit over saturated by the concentration on British history while there was so much more going on on the continent. The Franks struggling for a place in the corpse of the Roman Empire, the final death throws of the western Empire when Aetius led a coalition of roman and Frankish troops to victory over the Huns, the Visigoths carving out their empire in Italy and so on...
I wanted the miniatures to look like they were about to emerge out of a wood maybe attacking some merchants or a roman patrol on their way home.
The four long bearded models are from the superb Early Saxon range by Musketeer Miniatures. The two other guys are from the nice Arthurian Saxons by Westwind Productions. Both ranges fit together quite well although the Musketeer figures are more detailed.

I wish a Happy New Year to all fellow participants and bloggers.

Absolutely gorgeous work Nick! I really like the edging on their tunics and the weathering on the shields. When you and Axebreaker (Christopher) get together with your collections it must be a real feast for the eyes! I also really appreciate your desire to situate your Dark Age setting on the Continent as there was so much happening all over the world during this period in history. Well done.

These six fierce Franks will give Nick 40 points, which includes a little extra for the shields and excellent groundwork. Great Job!


  1. Yep I agree with Clint, great job.

  2. These are quite excellent. I love the bight flashes of colour, detailing and decorative yet grubby shields. Bravo!

  3. Stunning stuff. The detail and colour is superb!

  4. These are wonderful. The colors and detail are amazing. Great work!

  5. These look great Nick! I'm really looking forward to seeing them soon!


  6. Cracking work. The Dark Ages evidently were misnamed. These figures belong in the Brilliant Ages.


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