Tuesday, December 31, 2013

From BenG: 20mm Napoleonic Artillery (140 points)

BenG finishes one of his Challenge projects with this great entry of Napoleonic artillery.

From Ben:
That's Borodino IV Corps done with a day to spare! The game starts on Thursday, so I'm now madly sticking labels on the movement trays.
As promised, the second Italian 12 pounder battery using Zvezda figures (another with a Franznap head-transplant). Unfortunately, in one of the photos, the flash has exposed the lack of paint on the inside of the wheel hub! Otherwise, it's not noticeable.  

The other stands are of French 12 ponders using the guns and figures from the HaT French artillery set. The first includes two figures from the Strelets French artillery from the Egyptian campaign range. All figures, HaT and Strelets, have head replacements using heads from HaT infantry (except the piratical-looking barrel humper) to replace the bicornes with shakos.

The quality difference between the Zvezda figures and the others is self evident, but I needed to get these stands done quickly and there are less parts in the HaT set than the Zvezda ones.
What you see here are two Italian 6 pounders foot batteries of 5 guns each, hence the narrow bases, and the last 3 regimental guns. All are using the Zvezda French artillery figures, but the 6 pounder guns are the easier to assemble, though aesthetically less pleasing, guns from the Italeri horse artillery set.

The regimental guns are Eureka/AB 15mm guns posing as 3 pounders and 2 of the gunners have had head mods using another Franznap bare head, and a Lancier Bleu pokalem head. I did also by a bag of bonnet de police ad pokalem heads from Franznap, but in the chaos that is my work bench, I can't find them!

Well, it's almost 2014 on this side of the international date line as I write this, so Happy New Year to all the Challengers!

Wonderful work and a monumental effort Ben! These look great and as I mentioned before I like your 15mm swap-in to make the 20mm scale regimental guns - brilliant.

This 1/72 scale artillery park will give Ben 140 points, including extra for the very effective head swaps. Well done!


  1. Happy new year to you as well. Excellent artillery.

  2. Lovely guns Ben and congrats on finishing the project in time! :)

  3. You sir, would make the Emperor proud. Well done!

  4. These are very good indeed

    Happy New Year


  5. Impressive. I love the smoke on the slow matches and fuses. Terrific stuff.


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