Tuesday, December 31, 2013

From KentG: 28mm Napoleonic French Infantry (242 points)

And The Machine grinds on...

From Kent:
48 Front Rank French Line infantry with a few light and grenadiers added.

This is the end of the French line infantry that I have been working on for a commission over the past 2 years, just some grenadiers, more light and a few guns and I'll be starting the next job which is Russian Napoleonics.

Amazing work Kent! Greatcoated infantry are a godsend to Napoleonic figure painters as it provides a much needed break from having to deal with waistcoats, lace, braid piping, facing colours, etc. 

These 48(!) infantry will give Kent a staggering 242 points. Whoa! Great work Kent and you're back in the lead.


  1. Stopppppp!

    How are we supposed to keep up?
    Oh, wait. We're not. Excellent work Kent!

  2. On my good lord, 48 28mm figures in one, so fast?

    Nice work Kent!

  3. They look great and your output is amazing!


  4. It is a treat to see such a wodge of troops all done to that standard in the time. A-Maze-Zing!

  5. Hmmm, does anyone have any contacts in the NZ underworld? Mind you, even if they broke his fingers he'd probably still paint better and faster than most of us!

    Lovely work as always Kent!

  6. Fantastic! Love the ragged veteran look of this lot

  7. Thxs guys my eyes are about to fall out but one must keep going:)

  8. Machine he may be, but he's the kind da Vinci would build. He can paint rather well!

  9. Great looking large entry as always


  10. One of my favourite entries thus far. The greatcoats make them look like tough old sweats, veterans of many a campaign. Lovely brushwork.


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