Tuesday, December 31, 2013

From MarkG: 28mm New Figure Debut: Chaco Wars Bolivian & Paraguayan Infantry (120 points) AND A New Challenge Sponsor

Here are some very, cool and exciting figures from Mark, but I'll let him explain in more detail:
For my next entry I have completed 16 x 28mm figures for the Chaco War (1932-35). This was an extremely bloody Interwar conflict in South America which saw extensive trench warfare, use of tanks, HMGs, Flamethrowers and air attacks.

Though little known now, this was a closely followed conflict in newsreels and newspapers at the time, so much so that Hergé dedicated a whole Tin Tin book to it (The Adventures of Tin Tin - The Broken Ear [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Broken_Ear ] )
There are 8 figures of Paraguayan infantry (the ones in Olive Green fatigues and floppy hats), and 8 Bolivian Infantry ( in a mix of Khaki, with peaked caps).

These are actually part of a new range of figures which have been released today by Orinoco Miniatures (http://www.orinoco-miniatures.com/) , so these are the first painted examples to be seen anywhere. I hope you like them :-)

Fabulous work Mark and I'm very honoured that you debuted your new range with us here. As many know, I'm a big fan of obscure and/or little-known conflicts so I'm very chuffed to see these (reaching for wallet...).

These excellent Bolivians and Paraguayans will give Mark 120 points with a little extra added in celebration of their debut and for the note below. Well done and thank you!


Mark has generously offered (with the subtle prompting with my sibilant silken words) to offer prize support for the Challenge with his wonderful new range of figures. Thank you so much Mark!!

...And take note Anne, Mark's Irish!


  1. Nice figures Mark!!! Love the Bolivians! And well done for sponsoring the Challenge too!

  2. Fabulous figures! Great stuff on the sponsorship too!

  3. Huzzah to shiney new debuts and our generous sponsors!

  4. Loving those models and thank you for the additional sponsorship :)

  5. Really nice figures and great painting

  6. Nice looking figs for an obscure conflict! Dean

  7. Lovely muted greens and browns sir, yet full of character. Nice work!

  8. Not a conflict I am familiar with but looking at the figure maybe one I should start to look at. Excellent work.

  9. They are great figures, and an excellent paint job. Top marks for sponsoring us too!

  10. Great work and absolutely nice figures!

  11. I really like these and I think I will be dipping into my fund once the range has a few more figures

    The Green Hell is a good book on the period and was in discount book shops a couple of years ago but is expensive on Amazon now.


    1. The 2nd edition of the book is now on sale at Caliver books for £29.50
      I have a copy and can say it's worth buying. Loads of information on battles and OOB's

  12. Thank you all and Happy New year. I've just posted up an excellent article by Rob Cordery on the Chaco War over at the Orinoco Miniatures blog:


    I think it will give you an excellent introduction to the period.

  13. Very nice figures, and a really interesting period.
    Great painting work!

  14. Woot woot! Another Irishman but Jesus Christ, I can barely handle Fran. What will I do with two of them?

    Those are lovely figures and well painted. I've seen all the guys talking about Orinoco Miniatures and the chatter is, everybody wants some.

    Thank you for the sponsorship Orinoco!!!!

  15. Wow. Full marks for novelty, painting prowess, and generosity.


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