Sunday, March 10, 2013

From ScottS: Ronin #40 (20 points)

Scott unveils Ronin #40 

I went for a fairly muted palette, with earthy armour colours and brighter colours on the mask.and plume.
The figure is by Westwind, based on a good old two pence coin with some Army Painter flock and tufts.

He looks fabulous Scott! I like what many of the Challengers have done with the yellow and red combination. I also really like the groundwork you've done with this fellow - very, very nice. I've enjoyed seeing the wide variety of manufacturers who offer 28mm Samurai. At first I feared that the availability of figures might be too restrictive but it seems that there are many options to choose from if you're willing to snoop around. 

Thanks very much Scott!

Ronin #40 will give Scott 20 points.


  1. This guy is rather spiffing, like Curt says, lots of different figures to make these look a great collection


  2. Nice work, but darn, if I had known Westwind did a Samurai range, I would have ordered one of theirs... oh well just have to wait and see what the Eureka one I have ordered is like when it shows up...

  3. Good job - its a great combo colour set


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