Sunday, March 10, 2013

From SamuliS: 28mm Napoleonic French Skirmishers, British Artillery & Command (75 points)

From Samuli:
Here is my next batch of minis. 
Actually finished painting them quite a while ago, but only managed to get them based now.

A bit of a mixed bunch with some skirmishing Voltigeurs for my previous french battalion and reinforcements for my Brits in the form of a 6 pounder and a command base depicting General Pack.

Not a lot to say about them, the arty is Victrix and the rest Perry sculpts. 

Everything painted with Vallejo and finished with Army painter dip and basing stuff.
Don't be so blase, Samuli, these look brilliant! I'm usually not a big fan of the Victrix plastic artillery but you've done them proud with these. The British command stand is a particular favourite as well - makes me want to drag out my Naps for a game...

These lads will give Samuli 75 points. Well done! 


  1. Very nice indeed and the poses are not typical which is a good thing


  2. Great work Samuli. You get excellent results with the dip!

  3. Thanks guys!

    And Curt being blase and somewhat dismissive about your work is just the finnish national character :P Unless you talk about hockey of course...

    1. Well, then you would fit right at home here in Canada! :)