Sunday, March 10, 2013

From GregB: 28mm Colonial Sudan (70 points)

From Greg:
More Colonial Sudan stuff for this submission.  These are members of the 10th Hussars with sabres, 28mm figures from Perry Miniatures. 
The 10th Hussars fought in most of the major engagements of the early part of the Sudan campaign. They arrived in the Sudan with their uniforms from India, complete with parade spikes and fancy blue pants.

Also, another figure from the Perry twins' amazing 28mm Sudan Collection.  This is General Gerald Graham, commander of the British forces out of the port of Suakin on the Red Sea.  Graham had earned a VC in the Crimean War and served as a senior commander in the British intervention in Egypt.  In the Sudan he commanded the British forces based out of the port of Suakin and was one of the first to  lead British troops into battle with the Madhists.  

Graham primarily fought against wily slave-trader-turned-Madhist-leader Osman Digna. He defeated the Madhists at El-Teb and later in the near-disaster at Tamai. After Khartoum fell Graham was again in action, fighting major actions at Hashin and Tofrik.
So far my Sudan games have focused on the action around Suakin, so I thought Graham would be the right senior commander to paint first.  I hope to get to Wolseley and Stewart before the challenge expires, but we'll see...
Wow, what gorgeous work! I had the pleasure of sitting across from Greg while he was working on these and he makes it look so, so simple. I can't wait to lead these Hussars to their glorious destruction (it's really what I do best and I've heard you should stick to your strengths).

The 10th Hussars and Graham will give Greg 70 points, placing him well beyond his original Challenge target. Well done my friend!


  1. Wonderful work, Greg. Your painting works is incredible.

  2. love all your Sudan stuff, such great contrast in your painting the figures just pop
    Peace James

  3. Lovely work Greg! :)

    It looks as though the contest is hotting up around the 10th place mark - should be fun watching to see who gets there over the next few days.

  4. Fabulous! Fancy blue pants and parade spikes and all.

  5. These are so very good it makes he rather humble


  6. Your horses are beautiful mate. Lovely stuff indeed.


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