Sunday, March 10, 2013

From MilesR: 28mm ACW Artillery and Infantry (180 points)

Miles shows us what he's capable of if he has a few hours to spare...
I had a snow day in Maryland and put it to good use - painting mini's!
I managed to finish 2 more confederate gun crews and 2 rifled cannons (8 figs, 2 cannons) and another 24 figure Perry Plastics Confederate regiment.  
The one unique thing about all these figures is they were not started as of this morning (the plastic figures were still on the sprues).  There's a little clean up, but for me this is lightning fast painting.  

I've got to finish another 5 infantry regiments and 2 calvary ones before I'm done.
I think this puts me over my goal for this year and there may be a bit more down the road before the contest is over.
Jeez Louise Miles, that's 'lightning fast painting' by anyone's standards! Wow, fabulous work. 

These Rebs will give Miles 180 points, placing him above his first target and well on to his 'stretch goal'. Well done!


  1. great to see what you can do with a bit of free time. Its been a busy time for you and your son so very well done.
    Peace James

  2. Fantastic work for a single day Miles! Keep it up! :)


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