Wednesday, March 20, 2013

From ScottB: 15mm WWII Hummel & 28mm Bilbo and Gandalf (38 points)

From Scott:

I managed to complete a fourth Hummel for my 15mm German Flames of War Heavy
Armoured Artillery Battery.

Painted in my usual style and my remaining paintbrushes were more of less up to the job for this work...
But I was really hanging out for some new brushes which finally arrived 2 days ago...
Which let me finish off Bilbo and Gandalf from my The Hobbit boxed set.

You never know how important a fine detail brush is to you till it dies! Thankfully Army Painter came to the rescue...
So that's my last submission for the Challenge.
I didn't manage a Ronin figure in the time frame of the challenge. I was belated in my figure choice for, not having any suitable figures in my existing collection, and not really knowing which I could find that I liked. I really felt a bit out on a limb with this part of the challenge...
Eventually Curt made the decision for me and I ordered a figure from Eureka in Australia, but it sadly has still not arrived... However a deal is a deal and a promise a promise. It may not score me any points in the challenge but I will still complete the figure upon its arrival and get it to Curt ASAP.
Thanks to all my fellow Ronin for making this a wonderful enterprise, it's been great watching all your work roll in, and quite an eclectic bunch of submissions it's been! 
I didn't hit my target but knew before hand I would fall short as I had several things on the go that were not going to score me any points, but no matter, it not the winning, but the taking part that matters! Not to take away anything from whoever wins! Some of you guys are real painting machines compared to my poultry efforts!
Many thanks to Curt for hosting a wonderful competition, and for the all the work he has put in, handling and documenting all our submissions, and also special thanks to 'Mrs Curt' for letting him do this!
Thank again, and best wishes to all.

Fabulous work as usual, Scott. That Hummel looks like a 28mm model the detail is so fine. Wonderful. Speaking of wonderful, your Gandalf and Bilbo are first rate as well. Mithril brushes apparently...

Don't sweat the Ronin. I know he'll make it North to join his comrades and your points are assured. Thank you Scott for joining in again for this year's round of fun. It's always great to be inspired by your efforts.

This submission will give Scott 38 points. Well done!


  1. Those figures are really nice sculps and you have done them so very well


  2. Nice work all around Scott. Bilbo's expression is exceptionally fine.

  3. Great job on the LotR figures, I especially like Bilbo.



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