Wednesday, March 20, 2013

From FranL: 28mm Plains Indians, Tunnelling Machine, Steam Tank, Wagons, Cowgirls and a Bleedin' Rocket (320 points)

From Francis:
This is my last entry and while the challenge has been a blast, it has drained me, well mainly listening to Ray has drained me, he gets a little obsessive!
We have a real mixed bag here and some of it was no internet for two days at home last week and this is especially evident with the V2 rocket, anyway here we go........
We have 19 28mm Foundry Plains Indians for the wild west shenanigans.

We have a 28mm tunnelling machine from Ironclad Miniatures erupting from beneath the earth possibly full of chinese invaders.
Two 28mm MDF wagons from 4Ground plus 2 resin wagon loads specially designed to fit the wagons, these were really well designed kits but very fiddly, you can see were there should be 5 wagon hoops but there are only fecking 4, damn these shovel sized hands!

Two 28mm Ironclad Miniatures Steam Tanks with gatling guns, currently painting some Hinterland Miniatures to go with these.

9 28mm horses from Dixon Miniatures, 6 are Apache and 3 are cowboy, these are primarily scenery.
A mounted and dismounted princess from Hinterland Miniatures with a queen Victoria from Eureka Minis.
Some apache females and scouts from Dixon Miniatures, 7 figures plus 1 horse (I promise there is a figure behind the horse). 
4 28mm female gunfighters from Eureka Minis called The Earp Sisters with Dr.Holly Daye.
This is either a 1/48th or 1/35th scale WW2 V2 rocket which will be used for 28mm Pulp gaming, there is a 28mm Ironclad Miniatures scientist pushing the button beside it and to give an idea of scale!

There is a rumour circulating that next year you're doing the challenge dedicated to the 300 at Thermopylae, just a rumour though Curt! An excellent challenge this year, congratulations my friend.

Ha! 300 Spartans? Now that is an idea... Can you imagine? God's Holy Trousers, I'd be a gibbering mess in the first 3 days.

Funny you should mention 300, I see my blog has just tipped over 300K hits today. Whoa. I would have never guessed when I started this ...

Okay, a tunnelling machine and a steam tank?! (sigh) Whatever. I'm too tired to say a word...

Lovely work Fran. Your submissions never fail to make me smile. That rocket is completely mental btw (your reflection in the window is excellent).

This final submission by my favourite Irishman will garner him a well deserved 320 points. Hey, this almost doubles what your original target was. Great work Francis! 

It has been a pleasure, mon ami. Until next year...


  1. That is a shed load of lead (and resin?) well done


  2. All I could think of was the rocket they worshiped in Beneath the Planet of the Apes when I saw that picture. Good entry.

  3. Fantastic final entry Fran! :)

    A pity it wasn't enough to beat your colleague :(

  4. A tunnelling machine and two steam tanks???? I demand a recount!!!!!

  5. Fran, seems like you broke Curt.

    The Rocket is...mental. I want one. (I could do without the the reflection though)

  6. Incredibly eclectic ... and decidedly phallic.
    I especially liked the Earp sisters.


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