Wednesday, March 20, 2013

From RayR: 15mm English Pikemen, Demi-Lancers, FIW Canoes and Rafts & Danish Cavalry (648 points)

...and Ray drops his last sandbag:
In this entry we have 2 units of 16 figures of Henry VIII's English pikemen for the Battle of Pinkie.
Also included are two units of English Demi-Lancers. They're all Essex figures and the flags are all made by me. They were painted up at the same time as the Scots pike but I wanted to keep them separate.

Then we have my one and only post of French Indian Wars figures. A few canoes and rafts. Infact there are 32 canoes and 6 rafts, but 2 rafts and 2 canoes cannot be entered. 
I painted them before the challenge but had to base them up, so I included them in the pics. The figures are mainly from Irregular minis with a few from Matchlock, which are now unavailable. 
As you can see in the pics I based the figures in the canoes on bases (actually coffee stirrers), so you can take the figures out when they've landed on the beach. 
For my last entry, I've just managed to finish my first of 3 units of Danish horse for the battle of the Boyne. This regt is Donop's Horse, all figures are my usual fix of Essex minis and the flags were made by me! 

Thanks again Curt for hosting the challenge, me and Fran are knackered and need a rest from the brush.

Very impressive Ray! Those canoes are fabulous little models (I particularly like the crews). 

This huge lot of 15mm goodness will provide Ray with an astounding 648 points. His new total will pip him into 3rd place in the points standings. Well done Mr Rousell and thank you for keeping us all on the wire these past few weeks!


  1. Jeepers can you stop already ;-)

    Stunning work here I should have guessed you would not be finishing under Fran


  2. Oh the sandbag!
    Well done anyway Ray, they look very good

  3. Sheer unadulterated point loaded madness. I love it. And the painting's not half bad either ;-)

  4. I take it you didn't finish that 6mm 1:1 Roman legion in time then? ;)

    We were right about you sandbagging - just shy of 1200 points in the closing hours of the challenge? *harrumph*

    Neat idea with the canoes, having the crews removable.

    (grudging *lol*) congrats on finishing in the #3 spot! It's been fun trying to beat you, although I knew you'd pull out a massive lead at the end :)

  5. king of the Sandbag, just glad I was far enough in front of you, I will remember this next year.

  6. Cheers guys!1 This time it wasn't sandbagging, I actually finished the canoes that night and started the Horse regt at around 7 that night, I didn't think I'd make it! And as for squeezing into 3rd place....well I never!!!

    1. 1200 points (almost 45% of your final total) in the closing hours? If that ain't sandbagging, I don't know what is! :)

      We really should have paid Fran more to nobble you ;)

  7. Ray - you are a one-man sandbag machine...

  8. Whoa, points!

    Wait, I'm not surprised!

  9. Strong finish Ray! I am wracking my brains wondering what e proper collective noun for canoes is. A "raft" of canoes? A "covey" of canoes? Or maybe just a "buttload?"

  10. That Ray, I knew he was up to something.



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