Wednesday, March 20, 2013

3rd Annual Painting Challenge Prizes & Awards!

Okay, now that we've all put down our still-smoking paint brushes I want to talk a bit about the Challenge prizes and awards.

First off I need to make a correction regarding the top scoring finishers. Ahem. It seems that in my sleep deprived state, after doing 25 previous entries, I inadvertently awarded extra points to Ray for his final submission. I know, 'why did I lurn all this edumication stuff if I still can't do any basik cipherin'?!' To his credit, Mr Rousell pointed out the error for which I give him great credit as a sportsman. Anyway, this changes things a bit as the readjusted points tally will secure KevH back in 3rd place. My apologies to both Ray and Kev for the mix up.

Ok, back to the Prizes & Awards:
1st place - ChrisP: A $25 give certificate with J&M Miniatures and 3 figures chosen and painted by me.
2nd Place - JamesB: A $20 gift certificate with J&M Miniatures and 2 figures chosen and painted by me. 
3rd Place - KevH: A $15 gift certificate with J&M Miniatures and 1 figure chosen and painted by me.
I'm also painting another figure for Ray to acknowledge his good sportsmanship, I'm calling it 'The Little Ray of Sunshine Award'.  ;-)

Some of you may remember from my post announcing the Challenge I stated that, in addition to the prizes for the top three finishers for the points standing, we also have four additional award categories:
Challengers' Choice: This award will be determined by those who took part in The Challenge. So, to all Challengers, please browse through the entries from December 20th to March 20th and send me an email with your selection. 
Judge's Choice: This will be my favorite submission of all entries submitted during the Challenge (myself excluded of course!).  
People's Choice: This is for our visitor/commentors to vote for their favorite Challenge submission. So, to all of you who enjoyed following the Challenge, if there was an entry that you particularly enjoyed please leave me a note in the Comments area of this post. I have temporarily reset my blog settings to moderate all comments so your choice will be private and only known to me - I will not publish 'People's Choice' selections.  
Sarah's Choice: This award is sponsored by Sarah who will award a prize for her favorite non-military figure or vignette. I am organizing all the entries for her to review so she will be quite busy over the next few weeks. (Note: Due to the large number of submission this year I ask that all those who submitted a figure for this category please send me a reminder of your work to make sure she sees it.)
I will announce the winners of all the categories at 3pm, Sunday April 7th (Saskatchewan Time).

Again, for all those who've enjoyed following the Challenge please vote for your favourite entry. If you are new to this blog please take some time and peruse the Challenge submissions (again, from Dec 20th to March 20th), enjoy the excellent work exhibited by the Challengers and join in the fun by sending in a vote.

Speaking of cooking the books, here is some fun statistical stats and projections from Miles (our in-house numbers Uber-Geek):
The total points tally for this year's challenge is 42,079! 
That's the equivalent of 8,373 28mm infantry figures 
From an economic value to the industry, I think it's safe to estimate that assuming a cost equivalent of $6.38 US per figure (see below) your little contest has contributed almost $54,000 US to the wargaming economy. 
Figure $2.50 
Paint 0.30 
Basing 0.25 
Painting Time 3.33 (assumes 20 minutes per fig at $10.00 hour) 
Total $6.38 
Now let's factor in that all of us buy at least 3 minis for everyone we paint and now you're talking about over $200,000 US you've created for the Wargaming economy - we as a group are a 28mm scale economic stimulus!

Thanks Miles (you're such a geek...)


  1. That was very sporting of Ray to query his points and let himself drop to the #4 spot. He's still a sandbagger though! ;)

    I've emailed you my vote for Challengers' Choice.

    1. btw, I think that is probably an underestimate of the time per figure when you consider the quality of painting we've seen here.

    2. He is a good lad. Thanks for your vote!

    3. I would agree with Tamsin on the Painting estimate per figure - I take bloody ages! ;-) Probably nearer an hour at least... depending on complexity...

    4. We'll have to get him to give us some more re-jigged numbers based on other variables. Fun with stats!

    5. He's a sandbagger alright, but a good lad non-the-less! LoL.

    6. Ok - so, as probably the quickest and comparatively least good painter here: my mammoth 95 figure effort was /about/ 20 mins total a figure, I think, not counting assembling plastics. I would /assume/ most folks are slower than me.

    7. I agree that the time spend per mini is probably too low. I know my average per Napoloenic mini is around 1 1/2 to 2 hours and I know there were some entires where I spend more than that. And judging by many of the entries (bleep, most of them) I would say this is the rule.

      Bt I think the calculation might be right in the end... Think of the time some might have spend at work browsing this blog instead of working. So in the end it evens out from an economic point of view! ;-)

  2. Good on you for giving Ray an award for honesty. He really is a good chap. Let me do a little thinking and searching back through the entries and I'll put in my People's Choice vote.

  3. I think I now have something to do with my time at work (on the night shift) looking at all the entries was it 400 posts you put up...
    I might be some time :)
    will get back to you with my choice's
    once again a big thank you Curt.
    Peace James

  4. Statistics are fun. For example, my 4076 points works out to 45 points per day, or a relativly small 1.88 points per hour.

    Take that to the larger group, and you get a more substantial 19.5 point per hour, every hour for 3 months!

    Good luck choosing your favourite Curt!

  5. The Lemonheads were wrong after all. Clearly it ISN'T a Shame About Ray. Well done that man!

  6. I have really enjoyed following the challenge. It has made me look at the blog EVERY day and each day there was not only something new it was also well painted and interesting.

    I hope to see a 4th Painting challenge in the future, once you have recovered from this one, and I would be very interested in taking part. I have thoughouly enjoyed following the event and would like to express my thanks to you for organising it and all the entries for taking part. Thank you all for 3 month of painting entertainment.

  7. Good on Ray for being honest, but also to Fran for getting so close to the top 3 this time around! Oh and congrats to the top 3 themselves as well :)

  8. It's been a great competition, thanks Curt for taking the time, congratulations to the winners and the rest of partcipants. As for the popular vote, I'll review the entries before casting mine

  9. I was sure I had my choice but then so many other great entries came in that I will now go through the lot, see you in a few days!!! LOL


  10. Huzzah for Ray, the honest sandbagger!

    Now for the hard bit; choosing one from all the top notch entries....

  11. Curt, this has been an excellent Challenge and very enjoyable to watch over the last few months. It must have been a huge amount of work for you and I think you deserve a prize of your own for giving us such an excellent competition.

    Oh, and Kudos to Ray for the honesty!

  12. Yup, congrats on the winners.

    Now I have to read your blog again to decide which entry is the best ( to me anyway )

    Cheers and thanks again for having hosted this comp.

  13. Thanks again Curt for hosting this.

    And my appreciation for Ray... Never doubted that you were such a great sportsman!

    Will eMail you my choice soonish!

  14. I dunno, I remember someone calling him Ray The Bastard. Oh, maybe that was me.
    Ray's a good egg, even if he's a Reject.

    1. Ahhh, that was you! I was trying to remember who started it. I think it may have been "the Bastard Rousell" after one of his 9 Years War entries

  15. Thankyou Ray.
    You are a Gent after all, nvm, what the people on here say about you.
    Seriously though, many thanks and Much respect.
    I really did'nt think I would hang on the the third spot, though I'm really chuffed I did.
    I don't know how Curt has coped with all this and he has done a fantastic job.
    A fantasic 3 months of madness and I have enjoyed every minute of it.
    Mahoooosive Respect to all.

    1. We (I if you insist *grin*) never said he wasn't a gentleman or a sportsman. He just happens to be a sandbagging gentleman sportsman :)

  16. First off a BIG THANK you Curt for keeping this going - you did really well keeping up with the posting.

    There are so many great entries to choose from here - cosing may take a while!

    Well done everyone!

  17. It has absolutely been fun to watch the entries come fast and flying, even if my own efforts to keep up came to naught.

    Congrats to all of the winners!

  18. Great work and a really exciting competition all around. It may take some time to weigh in with a choice since there is so much stuff.

  19. What a wonderful comp this year watching the madness was almost asa much fun as being in it well done to all the winners and really just everyone that took part great job and Curt your a legend great job getting everything up on you site.

    1. Thanks Kent. You'll have to get in on the next one!

  20. What a triumph your creation has become Curt. I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts, but also the kind and encouraging manner that you maintained throughout.

    1. Thanks Michael, but really, you and the crew made it very easy to administrate.

  21. Ray is a perfect sportman. A fantastic competitions, fantastic... and really hard!

    Best regards all of you and congratulations to the winners (I didn´t remember there are three of them!).

  22. What this? Calling me a Geek? In public?

    Oh you have some nerve because I've never been, ummm.....ahhhhh "cough-cough"....

    Of Hell, guilty as charged!

    Thanks for letting me prove my geek-cred with mathematical precision.


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