Monday, February 18, 2013

From Tamsin: 28mm Dark Age Norman Knights (187 points)

From Tamsin:
For my tenth entry, I hope you like these Norman knights. 

These are 28mm plastics from Conquest Games, and will be used for Saga. I had to grab shields from the infantry pack as the kite shields that come with the cavalry don't have bosses.

As you can tell from the pics, I'm going with a theme to help quickly identify "units" during games. The blue and red shields will always be used as Knights (hearthguard), the yellow and green shields might be used as either Knights or as Sergeants (warriors).

I'll be using similar colour coding when I paint up the Norman infantry shortly, although the majority there will be Sergeants.
Cracking work Tamsin! I have a couple of these myself and I was quite impressed with them, particularly with the horses. You've done a great job and I quite like your colour-coordinating them for ease of identification (and the hand-painted shields turned out quite nicely).

This troop will give Tamsin 187 points. Lovely stuff! (Greg you better get busy!)


  1. Great looking knights here. I also like the colour co-ordinated shields, great for on table use.


  2. Well done Tamsin.
    I had better get busy indeed. Would have more stuff painted if the @@@@ing weather had not delayed us for two bloody hours in Portage today!

  3. Very nice Tamsin.
    I have some of these myself to finish at some point.
    Love the shields.

  4. Well done Tamsin, great idea about coding the shields.


  5. Thanks guys! I still think the Norms I posted pics of on my blog last week are better though! :)

  6. These look good but yes I was hoping for more of them LOL


  7. Great work on the Norms Tamsin, I like the colour coded look, that'll surly make things easier.


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