Monday, February 18, 2013

From Fran: 28mm ACW Confederate Infantry, Casualties and Artillery (444 points)

Francis sends in another crashing volley with this gorgeous mess of Confederates.

From Fran:
First up some 28mm Confederates, I've tried to keep these less ragged than I've seen and after trolling around the internet I came to the conclusion there's a lot of information out there and I went with less is more but I'm still not that happy with them but that's just me! 
Firstly there's my fixation with the dead and wounded, a mixture of perry and foundry miniatures.

Followed by a Perry artillery piece and Dixon limber with Perry and Foundry crew, 
Two gatling guns from foundry with no crew found yet. There's Artizan Designs crew, and the prospect of head swaps, but I don't fecking think so - I may use artillery like crew figures that I already have. 

The last lot are the 14th Louisiana boys, mostly Foundry with a few Perry officers in the mix, lousy photos but Ray is having a monthly! 

Holy cow, Fran! Again, what a gobsmackingly huge entry and at such great quality as well. Superb work!

This entry will give Francis, wait for it, a monstrous 444 points to add to his tally. Whoa, that is a shed-load of figures! This entry not only shatters his original points target but also places him in striking range of the top three leaders.

Fabulous stuff Fran!


  1. Great work Fran! I *knew* you and Ray must have a bunch of figures waiting in the wings to be submitted, and here's the proof.

    You really are a painting machine at the moment. That "colleague" of yours is evidently slacking ;)

  2. "Fran is monstrous" is what I took away from Curt's comments. :)
    Love what you've done with the Perry figs, I saw some that I've painted as Unionists and they look just as good as Rebs, well done sir.

  3. Fantastic job on all these figures, there should be an additional prize for these large excellent submissions.


  4. All I saw was a flash of brilliance then some sod rushed past me!!!!

    These really are cool Fran, you should be proud of them



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