Monday, February 18, 2013

From RayR: 28mm Dark Age Archers (80 points)

From Ray:

It looks as though I've had it as far as regaining my title, to the 25mm warmachine painters above me, so I thought I better get some 25mm figures painted too. 
These 16 Gripping Beast Spanish archers have along with tons of other stuff, been sitting unloved in a drawer for far too long. I last painted an El Cid figure way back probably around 10 years, the other Rejects are always moaning that we never game with them, so I thought I'd give them something else to moan about, another new unit of them.
They're a basic but usable paintjob, I did contemplate giving them an ink-wash or dip, but as my other Spanish figures haven't I left it out. 
More 25's to come!!
I didn't realize you had an El Cid army waiting in the wings - to echo the rest of the Rejects you'll have to break them out of storage and get a game in, especially since you have some spiffing new archers to add to the mix!

These bowmen will give Ray 80 points. Nice one!


  1. A very determined bunch of archers, ready to send a storm of arrows at the foe. I like them as they are, I don't think a wash or dip is required.

  2. Nice archers Ray. I figured you would probably be submitting another batch at about the same time as me! Mind you, I'm just under 70 points behind you. Wouldn't it be a shame if I'd just submitted another batch today and leapfrogged you into 7th place? ;p

  3. Nice work Ray. Too bad - I was sure I had deleted these files from Curt's machine earlier today...

  4. OMG! you peeps are catching me. Better get my finger out.
    Lovely Bows Ray..

  5. Very nice Ray, I really like your 28 mm stuff.


  6. Very nice, Ray. You are a great 28mm painter!

  7. These look really nice, I also think you don't need the dip



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